The Shift Academy


The only sustainable digital Hairdressing academy built around innovation, education and inspiration with a mission of Care & Sustainability leading our vision.


At Leaf, we believe nothing is more rewarding than educating someone.

Shift is a digital hairdressing education platform, designed to bring the hairdressing community together and move us forward collectively. We have the mission of shifiting people’s mindsets and knowledge in 4 key areas

  • Sustainability
  • Techniques
  • Personal growth and development
  • Business All of it while empowering our community and working with world leading hairdressers to bring the best possible collection of hairdressing tutorials for you to appreciate, learn from and be inspired by.

To support our sustainability mission, we plant 10 trees for every tutorial that is bought!

Why become a Shift member?

A sustainable academy exclusively designed for hair professionals who want to innovate and inspire others


Gain instant access to all hair cutting tutorials in just one click.

Constant new resources available

Learn from leading industry experts with a series of unique and exclusive content that will provide you with all the tips and tricks needed to evolve in the hairstyling industry.

Learn from leading industry experts

Get rewarding and exclusive offers from some of the leading brands of the market.

10 trees for every tutorial

To support our sustainability mission, we plant 10 trees for every new subscriber to the platform, to support our sustainability mission.

Latest courses

Anytime and anywhere, at your own pace and while being sustainable

What are you interesed in?

Everything you need just one click away


Access all courses that teach you everything you need. From how to be more sustainable as a stylist, to feature brands with sustainability at their core.

Personal growth

Learn from inspiring individuals and leaders about how to improve yourself, the people around you and your business.

Technical growth

The best educators, the best techniques, the best advice. All of it, one click away.


You don’t have to trust us, see what others have to say

Shift is a breath of fresh air in the Industry! I love that there is a mix of online and offline education on there and that there is so much free content available! Education is something that I’m really passionate about and Shift gives me a platform to reach thousands of hairdressers around the world!
Ky Wilson
For me, Shift is an amazing platform for artists and brands to share their knowledge and education and drive the industry forward. I love that it doesn’t just focus on technique, but also focuses on mindset, business and sustainability. I’m proud to work with Shift
Charlie Gray